Digital Tools and Concepts Intro Survey

Name: Elizabeth Miller

Do you own a computer?


What kind of computer do you use at home, school, etc.?


What design, video, and sound programs have you used in the past?

Word for design and audacity for music editing.

If you have used any programs, which ones do you have the most experience with?

word and audacity.

What kinds of things do you hope to learn in this class?

Basic graphic design in order to get the waters and see if I’m interested in delving in further to the graphic design realm.

Should artists be required to learn about computers, software, technology? Why or why not?

I think every artist should have at least basic knowledge of the myriad of creative resources within the art world, including but not limited to graphic design.

The best thing about technology today is…

how fast technology is being created and how personalized it has become, enabling our lives to be both more productive and more higher quality as a result because certain things take less time.

The worst thing about technology today is…

that people use it improperly at times. By this I mean that much of society does not value the moment or the face to face time that e have with one another. We spend time with our devices when we are around one another instead of realizing that we are throwing away something finite and valuable.

Do you think of digital art differently than you think of more traditional forms of art?  How so?

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