Ancient Symbols: Adobe Illustrator


The upper left is the ankh which symbolizes eternal life or ‘breath of life’, ‘eye of the nile’ or ‘cruz ansanta’ (cross with a handle). This symbol appears in hand or in proximity of every visual portrayal of an Egyptian Pharaoh.

The upper right is the Triskelion. This symbol is prominent in Celtic history. It represents completion, progress, actions, cycles, revolution, and competition directly related to it’s three-legged design.

The middle red design is ancient Sanskrit writing which translated means ‘Love’.

Below the sanskrit and to the left we see the Eye of Horus. This is also know as the ‘Eye of Ra’ (Sun God), egyptian in origin. It is used for protection. Sometimes called the Wadjet. It is thought to possess protective and healing powers; with the ability to ward off evil spirits.  You will see this symbol used in protective amulets and displayed on coffins, presumably for protection in the afterlife.

The design on the bottom left is the sign of Laima. This is a Latvian sign for the God who determined destiny in their culture. She lives under the threshold and mortals were told not to disturb her.

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