Pocket full of seeds

I’ve decided to resuscitate an old blog and revamp it for my renewed creative voice today. I have a lot to say about the creative process, or namely MY creative process and would like to allow these words and insight to flow freely to you.

Apparently my website is doing well and so having a blog connected will allow people a better insight into my creative process. So here we go.

Today is New Years Day. But on the year 2020 so it is anything but normal. New Years in America is, in fact, my favorite holiday. This particular holiday season I was unable to go see family and so ended up with two weeks off of school with no direction. A type A personality like mine, Myers Briggs INTJ, I had a loose list of 30 projects I hoped to cross off and I am 2/3 through this list. Many of these are extensive applications which are not easily done in an hour, but need extensive though and a few days

committed to rounding them up.

But all of these tasks are dedicated to my art practice. I’m realizing that anything connecting to my art practice is, in fact, building up myself as a brand. This feels strange to me, but I’m leaning into it. I am an auto-didact. I did not have parents with extensively varied skillsets, so I have been teaching myself a great many things at a discount. Now with a teachers salary and having graduated with my MFA, I am pushing to find the next thing to invest in to make myself a better professional fine artist. It’s been challenging for sure, as I play a hunch here and there. Not sure at all of what I’m doing but a great analyzer of patterns and observers of others; I’m watching what works and what doesn’t and then pushing forward.

See the above link tree for a variety of interesting links concerning my updated work and vision going forward as a hair sculptor. I’ve recently launched a Patreon for those to get involved a bit more intimately in my work and receive art from me quarterly. I’ll be blogging on there about the soundtrack process for the trailer of my film. I’m excited about the little steps of everything.

My most recent film, UBUNTU is listed in the link tree. My website explains more intimately what the film is if you want a preview. I’m still tweaking the trailer which is a really surprising mini project that I’m enamored with. I’ll be testing out a local composer for that project to feel them out for future collaborations.

People who have been speaking about the energy shifts for 2021, have been very right with my understanding. I’m a self-described, diagnosed HSP (highly sensitive person) and empath. There is a renewing coming and it’s incredible. This list of things in my hand is my pocket of seeds for the new year.

I love New Years for the simple optimism it brings. Finishing a year and beginning anew. It’s always felt strange because I have been a teacher for a long time and experience two New Years/yr. This conventional New Year’s Day of January 1st is great, but I have a long stretch to reach mid June when my work for the year ends. However this is much like a ‘work in progress crit’. These crits/critiques often seem unfair to the self-critical artist. We are meant to bring unfinished pieces before our peers to get their thoughts. Artists are great for this. We do not need finished strokes to imagine what could be. Paint for us with your words and it will be enough for us to imagine and offer you guidance, insight and questions.

So here I am on New Years Day, resuscitating my blog from 2016, which had great work on it already, connecting to my successful website and being sure to get it to you guys. I hope these words refresh you and we can walk in 2021 with our new seeds taking root or not and learning from our gardening of our lives and pursuits.

Here’s to us and tomorrow, our perpetual tomorrows and our parallel journeys.

I’m blessed to have you along with me and me along with you.


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