Teacher life

Our newest update in Baltimore city schools is that we are going to be going back in our schools before the numbers decline in Baltimore city, and before we, as teachers, are vaccinated. Many of us teachers are terrified because the BCPS school system is not quick or concerned to meet needs. I watched 1/3 bathrooms in our building get shut down and it took 3 months to fix. 2 months for the workers to even come look at it. I had kindergarteners having to be escorted from my room down the hall 200 ft instead of being able to do a bathroom break right outside my room. All this to say that- the PPE, ventilation system, the spacing, the schedules, etc are going to be a hot mess. You may have heard on the news that we are allowed to stay home, but we are not. We can take family medical leave for a temporary amount of time at 2/3 pay. Please tell me if you can live on 2/3 of what you are making right now.

#makeitmakesense #whenitssafe


On a lighter note!

I’d like to share some amazing news. Despite my own issues with pushing my personal fine art, I’ve had great success with my student’s art.

So I just got word that the site is live above where some of my students word is being featured in the Artseveryday 10×10 ‘Voice’ exhibit. Our works are in the voting folder, but some of ours got doubly featured in the gender section as well. So proud of my students, because the director asked for permission to print their work and frame and feature in the lobby of the Motorhouse in Baltimore, MD where their offices are. I think a projector may be involved as well. I will be swinging by soon to video this for my students ❤️.

So when the going gets tough, the students excel! Our students are rising!

Follow our future adventures @msmillerartroom


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