Seasons are shifting

My year runs on a slightly altered calendar to others. I have two end of year times. One is in December…

One is in June, it’s a tiny death and a larger rebirth…

So in this rebirth, I endured a breakup, found a new apt. Resigned from my old job, had my art storage unit broken into.

However in this new season I have seen my art career take notable steps forward. I have indeed been putting in work but some opportunities have come from venues I have not pursued.

Due to some outlying contracts where I’m not allowed to announce until the client does, I will tell you only what I can *wink*

My spring was incredibly fruitful and prolific, per my usual but at a higher level than I have ever known.

I worked with Center stage to offer a ‘after talk’ to one of their plays released digitally which was titled ‘The Glorious World of Kinks Curls, and Crowns’, which was 9 monologues of African American women speaking abut their hair as it relates to their black identity. I was in conversation with Maryland Delegate Stephanie Smith who helped pass the Crown Act.

My colleagues who graduated with me from the MFA in studio art program at Maryland Institute College of Art, organized a show with VisArts, in Rockville, MD. Sadly our school did nothing offer us a culminating show of any kind, not even virtual, even though we pay for this in our tuition. However, this show allowed me to show my thesis work and try a new concept my putting myself into my ‘Ritual Cleansing’ performance as high priestess with others who would intercess for particular people who has passed on. See the ritual cleansing registry for more information.

Lastly, I received a prestigious invite to come show work at the DE contemporary museum in Wilmington, DE. This invite came through a lovely curator in residence there, who used to be a curator at the Baltimore Museum of Art. This exceptional curator, Kristen Hileman, was a connection through MICA. I told myself this is why you attend a school like this to be able to get your work in front of the right people. I hadn’t imagined the year fresh out of grad school I would be able to create an entire installation for a museum. Very powerful realization in my life. This show is up until the end of august 2021. The show is 4 large rooms celebrating black hair and blackness in celebration of the passing of the crown act in the state of Delaware.

I have another upcoming opportunity in the area of Rockville, MD. The Lynching Memorial Project has asked me to be a part of their remembrance weekend at the site of the jail where one of the lynching victims was held before being tragically removed and murdered by a mob. These dates are still being set. Please consider joining the mailing list through the website, or sending me an email through the website and I can add you.

Lastly I’m always looking for future collaborators to work with. If you have an idea etc that you want to pitch to me or something else, please reach out through the website :

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