Teacher life

Our newest update in Baltimore city schools is that we are going to be going back in our schools before the numbers decline in Baltimore city, and before we, as teachers, are vaccinated. Many of us teachers are terrified because the BCPS school system is not quick or concerned to meet needs. I watched 1/3Continue reading “Teacher life”

Pocket full of seeds

I’ve decided to resuscitate an old blog and revamp it for my renewed creative voice today. I have a lot to say about the creative process, or namely MY creative process and would like to allow these words and insight to flow freely to you. Apparently my website is doing well and so having aContinue reading “Pocket full of seeds”

Featured Sound Artist: Susan Philipsz

I chose Susan Philipsz because she sounds a bit like one of my favorite musical artists, Enya. She creates her sounds using her own voice against various pieces of architecture which allow for ethereal sound distortion. She installs speakers in strategic points at a public location and then plays her sounds as an outside installation. ThusContinue reading “Featured Sound Artist: Susan Philipsz”

Ancient Symbols: Adobe Illustrator

ancient-symbols The upper left is the ankh which symbolizes eternal life or ‘breath of life’, ‘eye of the nile’ or ‘cruz ansanta’ (cross with a handle). This symbol appears in hand or in proximity of every visual portrayal of an Egyptian Pharaoh. The upper right is the Triskelion. This symbol is prominent in Celtic history.Continue reading “Ancient Symbols: Adobe Illustrator”

300 word response to article and video

The article by the Atlantic did an excellent job of documenting a turn of the tide in the art world. Technology has been growing so fast that the world is trying to find a way to resist, co-exist, or compliment it, without sacrificing the merits of their original purpose. The Met has struggled with howContinue reading “300 word response to article and video”